When I was a Kid and Introduced to Comics

My first memories of comics as a kid was reading the Sunday comSnoopyics page with that had Snoopy and Beetle Bailey.  I can remember waking up and flipping through the Sunday paper to find the comic section. Spreading it out on beetle_baileythe table with a bowl of Cherrios to read that weeks adventures.

There were a few other comics I would search out like Hager The Horrible, Blondie, Marmaduke and B.C.. I would usually have to have my dad read them to me because of my age. I remember some of the them he would have to explain to me because they were over my head.

The next thing I would do is pull out my Silly Putty and smash it flat onto the one of the comics. Then carefully pull it up off the paper to sesillyputtye the picture it copied from the comic. Of course the next step was to pull the Silly Putty in different directions to stretch out the picture and make it even funnier. I always enjoyed lifting off the pictures from the colored comics instead of just the black and white strips.

It was around this same time I became the batboy for my brothers little league baseball team. My dad was one of the coaches so I was always at practice and all the games so he put me to work. The best was going to the games and having my dad give me a some money to visit the candy stand. That was back in the day when they sold penny candy.

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